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Qatar dispute should be a family affair

Doha is making a grave mistake by seeking assistance from opportunistic strangers with their own ideological axes to grind. June 12, 2017By Linda S. Heard Non-Arab countries are pouring oil on troubled Arabian Gulf waters. Foreign interference will only widen …

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There is no media more hostile than Qatar’s

It is troubling to discover that one of Al Jazeera’s prime functions was to act as a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood By Linda S. Heard,  May 29, 2017 In response to the banning of Qatari websites by Saudi Arabia, the …

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No Law, No Common Power?

Prof. Moataz Bellah Abdel-Fattah writes: As usual I have a debate with great political thinkers such as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and J. S. Mill in the presence of my students at Cairo University about what’s going on the Middle …

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Why British Ambassador to Egypt MUST GO HOME?

Great Britain’s Ambassador to Egypt, John Casson is facing increased pressure to leave his host country. The underlying reason is that Casson appears sympathetic to Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. One of the charges alleged in the complaint against him may be …

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“uninformed comment” from Shlomo Ben-Ami

Adel Darwish,london 10 April 2017 Here is an “uninformed comment” based on condescending ( some might argue, even racist) view that Political Islam is the ONLY system (for western benefits of course) that can rule in nations where majority are …

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Mr. Trump’s Tear-Down Budget

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD The White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney, defended the president’s budget proposal for 2018 by saying it puts numbers on Mr. Trump’s campaign promises. That it does, but in so doing, it shows that many of …

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