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Refugees’ solution

Samia Galal,October 26,2017

The current refugee crisis is the most significant since the second world war. Homeless people became a major dilemma facing both developing and developed countries. However, refugee ‘burden’, including any potential threat, falls disproportionately on poor countries, yet most of these poor countries have kept open their borders.

 Refugees by definition are people fleeing conflict and persecution and with no alternative but to leave their country. They lose their homes and their livelihoods. Often they are separated from their families. In many cases they experience violence, discrimination and deprivation during their journey and even after it ends in exile.

Although the United State of America has commemorated the 16th anniversary of the 11th  September, the world would never forget the impact occurring as a reaction of those attacks. As the USA has been called the world for war against terrorism everywhere. However, all actions were in the Middle East region. The western claims that war against terrorism is for returning human safety, but in fact the escalation of aggression became everywhere.   

Despite the USA and Europe thought when Baghdad fell in 2003, it would be the end of massive attacks, it wasn’t the end for sorry, but it was the start for much more escalating of actions in the Middle East.

Fifteen years after, we have gained a huge number of refugees in the ME and the so called new war against “Daesh “.  Unfortunately, we have discovered that the definition of a refugee does not explicitly include terrorism as a reason to flee!

Instead of getting a convenient solution of the clashes, we transformed stable and secure peoples in their homelands into communities in camps spread throughout the world.

With the fall of different Arab countries during that period, As of June 2014, the largest refugee nationalities were Afghans, Syrians, Somalis, Iraqi and Yamani  making up more than half of all global refugee populations the number has reached 14.4 million, according to a report issued by UNHCR. A further 5.1 million registered refugees are cared for in some 60 camps across the Middle East. As many as 35% of the world’s refugees are torture survivors. In addition to dealing with physical injuries caused by the trauma, these people often suffer from multiple mental health issues that can make recovery incredibly difficult. Particularly within the stressful life of a refugee.

While it would be nice to believe that life gets easier for refugees after resettlement, the majority find this is not (immediately) the case. Refugees often find it incredibly difficult to integrate into their new home with language and cultural barriers weighing them down. If refugees have anything in common at all, it’s their commitment to improving their lives.

It is the time to think in right way for humanity, refugees problem rose as the people flee from the war to safer places, where there is a link between refugees and terrorism, it is that refugees are fleeing terrorism, and not coming to host countries to perpetrate terrorism. The number of people leaving their homes is likely to increase quite soon. What is needed are innovative responses, not closed borders.

Could that world re-return their homes safe as they were instead of this current solution of torn entities everywhere? We need more countries to take the lead if we are to begin to resolve the global refugee crisis.

Let’s get involved. There’s a good chance that refugees live in your own community. Start a conversation! Better yet, take it a step further. If you see someone who you can tell is new to the country, be friendly and welcoming. Immigrants and refugees are faced with a lot of the same obstacles, and making them feel welcome is an easy way to make them feel at home in their new home. Isn’t that what being a global citizen is all about?

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