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Egypt paves way for world youth dialogue


Samia Galal,November 4,2017 

Sharm El-Shaikh receives 3000 youth from 120 countries to tackle joint files in the region and the whole world. Around 1000 Egyptian volunteers are working day and night to prepare for the World Youth Forum. The event will not only include visitors from youth, but also decision makers, influential official and representatives from various international organizations.

The World Youth Forum embodies a new way of diplomacy emerging from the youth to organize a world event from A-Z and discuss common problems affecting their future. Delivering messages of peace from the land of peace will be launched within days by the world youth on 4th November, 2017.

The Egyptian youth started to invite their peers from the world during their participating in the festival held in Russia’s city of Sochi on October 14-22 which gathered approximately 20,000 people from over 180 countries. They have used creative tools and new media in their advertising campaigns for the Forum.

Around forty-five workshops will be held, during which five themes will be tackled.

The world is suffering from terrorist waves, including a considerable number of youth involved around the world. We have read more stories about youth have joined “Daesh” terrorist movement as they believed in wrong ideas which they have been received by social media away from the truth on the ground. Hence, the forum will tackle means of combating terrorism. I hope that the World Youth Forum would discuss the issue and review youth real stories in abide to rise the youth awareness about the new generation of information war. 

Moreover, illegal youth migration will be probed because we should find a suitable solution for youth resorting to cross the international borders illegally as they are seeking for better living conditions or safer lands. 

The World Youth Forum, also, will review the Egyptian experience in dealing with five million refugees involving in the Egyptian communities and doing their own businesses not in separate camps as in other countries.  

Discussing means of sustainable growth are one of the forum’s axises. In addition, leading businesses will be a core of this theme which will create a positive climate for generating job opportunities.

The main target of this forum is to discuss globalization impacts as well as dialogue between cultures.

Meanwhile,  United Nations simulation model will be included among the forum activities. The simulation will be participated by sixty members representing their countries and voicing their states’ stances towards world political issues.   

During a week,  a network with promising youth is determined to create change in the world. Engaging youth from around the globe in an enriching platform allowing them to express their views and recommend initiatives to decision makers and different influential figures. Our previous problems have been occurred because of the gap between the states and their youth. The forum is a call for filling this gap and finding links gathering us. 


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