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US-Washed-up superpower

Samia Galal&News Agencies

Dec, 24 ,2017

In flagrant violation of the international law, the United States confronts the whole world with irresponsible decision and gives what it does not own to those who don’t deserve. The humiliating condemnation of the US this week at the UN General Assembly over its Jerusalem policy revealed both Washington’s contempt for democracy and international law, and just how isolated America has become globally.

The overwhelming rejection of President Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital by 128 member nations at the UN is a signal event of how far US international standing has slumped.

Even close US allies among the NATO military alliance voted against Washington’s position. Britain, France, and Germany joined with other international powers, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, and Brazil, to repudiate Trump’s decision taken earlier this month to recognize Jerusalem.

The outcome was in spite of shameless arm-twisting by the US ahead of the General Assembly vote, when President Trump threatened to cut off financial aid to nations going against American policy.

American ambassador Nikki Haley’s remarks to the General Assembly before Thursday’s vote highlighted Washington’s brazen contempt for democratic rights. In sinister tones, she warned that the US “was taking note of names” and reiterated Trump’s threats of taking retaliatory measures by cutting off financial aid. If looks could kill, Haley’s demeanor was armed and dangerous.

The American envoy also displayed a twisted logic that was as arrogant as it was flawed. She rebuked all nations for “attacking” the US “sovereign right” to nominate Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The fact is, it is the US which has attacked international consensus and UN resolutions regarding Jerusalem’s neutral status.

Nothing has been changed! it is the same approach of the superpower since they have launched a war against Iraq in 2003 despite no arguments confirmed that Iraq in fact had a nuclear plant. The Iraq war wasn’t an innocent mistake, America invaded Iraq because the Bush administration wanted a war. The public justifications for the invasion were nothing but pretexts, and falsified pretexts at that.

 Moreover, the war against terrorism which the Pentagon claims that its air war against ISIS is one of the most accurate in history and that it is so careful in who it targets now it appeared that the 14,000 US airstrikes in Iraq have killed hundreds of  civilians. It turns out to be chaos spread to create new realities on the ground, while the military’s assertion is a stunning underestimation of the true human cost of Washington’s three-year-old war against ISIS. An 18-month-long investigation by the New York Times has found that the US-led military coalition is killing civilians in Iraq at a rate 31 times higher than it’s admitting.

However, unrest has been prevailed the Middle East, Trump’s unilateral recognition on December 6 of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital overturned decades of international consensus, as well as Washington’s own stated policy of brokering a historic compromise between the Israelis and Palestinians.

 US and Israel announced that they would offer a new deal to bring an end to the nearly 70-year-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The trouble is that Trump’s decision risks inflaming the already combustible Middle East region and beyond.

The ancient city is home to Muslims, Christians, and Jews, containing three unique religious sites. The eastern half of the city, which is legally Palestinian territory but under military occupation by Israel since the 1967 War. Trump’s unilateral designation of Jerusalem as the Jewish capital is therefore as reckless as it is provocative.

The announcement violates international law which stipulates that the city is a contested matter to be resolved through peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

While Trump claims the US is still supportive of peace talks for a “lasting settlement” what his declaration this week does, in effect, is settle the seven-decade-old dispute on the side of Israel.

Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu – who was the only world leader to welcome the Trump’s announcement this week – declares, along with his right-wing cabinet that Jerusalem is the “eternal Jewish capital.” It is obvious that for Netanyahu’s government there is no intention to engage in peace negotiations with Palestinians to reach a final status of two states.

For Israeli hardliners, there is no peace process – despite lip service. There is only a process of relentless dispossession of Palestinians, which first began in 1948.

American governments have long been complicit in this charade of dispossession regardless of pious pretensions of being an “honest broker.” Washington has bankrolled the state of Israel with $3 billion every year in military aid; has turned a blind eye to every violation under international law by Israel; and offers unwavering support for Israeli transgressions through the American veto at the United Nations Security Council.

Trump’s is not offering a “new approach.” He is instead ramping up a very old policy of American government indulging Israeli intransigence. The United States is no longer mistaken as a neutral mediator. Its role as a self-appointed honest broker is over.

What’s needed now is an international, multilateral forum in which Palestinians are at last afforded real equality under international law. The Palestinian sovereign right for national status must be advocated in the context of an illegal occupation by Israeli forces. The full sanction of international law must be applied against Israeli transgressions going back to at least the 1967 war.

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