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Egypt’s role and Regional challenges

translated by Samia Galal ,15 Jan 2018

The Arab region is witnessing unprecedented challenges in which economic and social crises are intertwined and regional interventions and international ambitions are intervened. The terrorism file is topped the list of challenges as combating the terrorist movements and extremist ideology spreading in various Arab countries is the great challenge facing the security and stability of the region. The following challenge, which it isn’t less serious than the previous one, is the means to maintain the national state and protect it from falling apart and collapse. The additional challenge is that some countries are suffering from armed conflicts as well as humanitarian crisis.  By coincidence, regional and international attempts to invest in these deteriorating conditions; tensions and sectarian and ethnic clashes, to change the geopolitics of the region.

In this reality, Egypt aims at boosting solidarity among the Arab countries, underlining the importance of international cooperation and combating firmly the countries that support the terrorism, fund its military and logistic supplies or provide media channels to publish its extremist thoughts.

 Egypt emphasizes that the fight against terrorism should not be limited to military and security dimensions, but should extend to include economic, social, religious and cultural dimensions to uproot the sources of terrorism and cut off the way to recruiting new elements.

Egypt presents a vision for maintaining the cohesion of the national state as it is the most important factor for stability of the Arab states and their peoples. This vision seeks to defuse sectarian conflicts, uphold the rule of law and the principles of democracy and respect the human rights and the principle of citizenship.

Moreover, Egypt stresses on strengthening the national armies and fighting against groups that seek to distort the concept of the state and consolidation of the Arab unity. Hence, Egypt has been exerted efforts to settle many crises occurred in the region in order to keep sovereign of those states, the unity of their lands, regional safety, the lives of their peoples and restore their security and stability.

In this context, Egypt asserts that the solution of the Syrian crisis lies in the political way through introducing a political conciliation between all parties as well as preserving the institutions of the state. Also, Egypt confirms the political solution of the Libyan crisis and cooperates with all parties who don’t support extremism and terrorism in Libya. Therefore, Egypt has been highlighted the need to reach a political comprehensive solution taking the states away of conflicts and alleviating the human suffering of the Yemeni people. In addition, Egypt stressed the necessity of maintaining Iraqi unity, keeping its regional safety and strengthening solidarity of Iraqi people  among  all its various sectors .

Meanwhile, Egypt affirms in practical terms that the Palestinian issue has been and will remain at the heart of its concerns, foreign policy and its national security. This is materialized by the success of the Egyptian role in achieving Palestinian reconciliation. Egypt drives the international efforts towards fair settling of the Palestinian issue.

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