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After it became “objectivity .. credibility .. impartiality” strange to the life of the media components read and watched and audio .. It was normal to think about rooting the “Charter of Honor Press”, taking into account the interest of Egypt first and then the Islamic and Arab worlds – whatever the reference system Ruler (Islamic / Liberal / secular) – the homeland first, as well as the Islamic and Arab worlds.

Because we believe that the media should be at the midpoint of all political colors and respects all faiths in equal proportions and sizes, as the level mirror that reflects what is happening on the ground without increase or decrease .. This is the minimum right of the reader, viewer and listener.

And for the safety of the nation and the proximity of different denominations – politically / socially / economically / culturally – it is certain that society will enjoy prosperity, harmony and peace. And after some private media has been robbing the state and entering with some corrupt elements in dubious and suspicious deals such as seizing state land and tax evasion, we should have presented a unique model in the world of independence, neutrality, credibility and positive.

As for the “Articles” page, it is the expression of its owners, not the “Diplomatic” newspaper, which respects the opinions of the writers, especially if the content does not contradict the Charter of Honor.

We receive complaints from Egyptian citizens inside and outside Egypt to prevent corruption in all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt, provided that the news is correct and accompanied by a photograph or video confirming the authenticity of the news. This is in addition to sending a copy of the national number to the citizen. The national number of the sender .. This is because the newspaper, Diplomatic, it sees its duty, and even the inevitable, to confirm the slogan, Egypt, above all, and will not hesitate to help the existing system, especially as Egypt is starting towards global ..and this will not be only through the detection of corruption and those who are in the mother of the world, Egypt beloved.